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We love to design things.

We'd love to help you design things.

What story does your visual identity tell? Let's work together to launch your brand to the next level.



Six Foot Designs is an agency dedicated to helping tell your visual story. Brand identity is more important than ever to companies. Websites, social accounts, digital ads, print, signage - your brand is everywhere! 

We believe that your visual brand should accurately reflect the essences of your company. Through evaluation, interviewing and research, we enjoy learning ABOUT you, so we can design WITH you. This is a team effort, and we are determined to make sure your team comes out on top.

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions. Or just to say hi!


Home Work

skills for hire



Logos, color schemes, fonts, layouts, strategy and overall visual cohesion.


We'll create something  that truly represents your brand identity.

Graphic Design

Web graphics, social media images, business cards, signage, t-shirts and more.


Your business has design needs. We can help.

Marketing materials

 Infographics, solutions briefs, eBooks, whitepapers, pamphlets, digital ads.

We can make the eye-catching material you need to market.


Comics, cartoons, digital art, drawings, basically any other zany things you can think of.


If it's art, and it's digital, let's talk and have some fun!

Think high-quality, custom design is only for the uber rich and wealthy types? Think again. Design costs admittedly do vary wildly, but it depends on a large number of factors, such as scope of work, time until deadline, and ultimate usage.  By evaluating your specific needs, we can more accurately price your project and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Fill out the form below, with a brief description of the design project you need, and we will get started on pricing your project right away. Don't have a specific project yet? Not to worry, contact us anyway!

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What's it cost?

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