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Start earning Cash!

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You'll earn 10% of the first contract of each new client that you refer! With absolutely no cap. It couldn't be easier.

Six Foot Designs Referal Program

We love when people help spread the word about Six Foot Designs, and we want to reward those that do!  If you refer a new potential client, and they sign and complete a project, you'll earn 10% of that contract, minus expenses. Cash! (Existing clients can opt for a credit towards future projects instead)

Simply fill out the form with your personal information, and the information of the person or company you are referring. We will contact them and take care of the rest!


You connect us with a potential new client, via the form above.


We contact your referral, and work with them to solve their design needs. You do nothing. 


Contracts are signed, work is completed. You still do nothing.


We send you your money. You spend your money. We do nothing (it's your money)

how it works


For more information about the Six Foot Designs Referral Program, see our Terms & Conditions

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